Alone Sleeps the Water, Frozen She Awakes

As teardrops fall to snow, they freeze and break, with a sound.

︎︎︎ Alchemy Film & Moving Image
︎︎︎ Non-Syntax Experimental Image
︎︎︎ Festival Equinoxio
︎︎︎ Tehran Film Festival
︎︎︎ Festifreak
︎︎︎ Cortópolis
︎︎︎ Festival Play
︎︎︎ Corriente
︎︎︎ Festival de Cine Silente
︎︎︎ Festival Render, Retina Latina
︎︎︎ FUSE

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︎︎︎ Fragment preview

Color | 16mm | 5 min | Spain, Argentina | 2021

Made with the support of Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola and Tabakalera.

By Animitas.

“What was once solid must now flow. In Alone Sleeps the Water, Frozen She Awakes, crystalline patterns of ice melt in the sunshine. Playing with opacity and transparency, Sofia Petersen investigates, through analogue film stock, the surfaces above and below the ice cap of a river. Later, footprints on a snowy plain tell of a presence marking its trace.”
– Marius Hrdy, Alchemy Film & Moving Image, 2021